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Teeny Tiny Nintendo

Two years ago my oldest brother, Mike, proposed to his girlfriend of five years and announced they’d be moving across country to LA, where his girlfriend’s family is located.  For the engagement ring he contacted a woman in Seattle who does customized rings.  As part of the design process she sends out a mock-up ring made of green wax.  At my brother and his (now) wmike and ria engagedife’s going away party he showed us the wax ring and told us about trying to hold up one of his wife’s current rings against the wax ring to gauge if he got the sizing right. In the process of doing this, he broke the delicate wax ring. He showed us the broken ring inside of its tiny box, about 1 x 1.5 inches. I gasped when I saw the box and loudly admired its tiny size. Nonchalantly my brother asked, “Do you want it?”

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Mini Pickles!?

What is more fun than eating pickles?  Well, nothing.  BUT, taking photos of mini pickles comes pretty close.

I was first introduced to gherkins posing as mini pickles when I made mini burgers.  When slicing the gherkins I was blown away by their mini pickle perfection.  I knew me and those gherkins would need to hang out again.

When gazing around my kitchen I spotted a tiny jar on my roommate’s vintage typecase drawer she keeps hung on our kitchen wall, decorated with tiny things.  The jar was the perfect mini pickle jar.  So began my adventures in mini pickling.

I used the same gherkins I used for the mini burgers (still handy in the bottom of my fridge), except this time I sliced them lengthwise to mimick pickle spears.  I spooned some gherkin juice into the mini jar to serve as pickle juice.

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zminis First Feature in an Art Show!

My most prized piece, Chair of Bowlies, has been accepted into an art show!  From Nov 22nd to Jan 11th, Chair of Bowlies will be sitting on its own podium at the Kathyrn Schultz Gallery.  This wonderful show, put on by the Cambridge Art Association, is titled RED.  The collection of sculpture and 2D framed work lights up the room with shades of red.  Be sure to stop by if you get a chance!

(visit the CAA website to see the addresses and hours of the galleries.  There are two galleries, the University Place Gallery, which features the larger pieces in the show, and the Kathyrn Shultz gallery, which has the smaller pieces.  Visit Kathryn Schultz to see Chair of Bowlies proudly representing zminis!)

miniChairBowlies_CAAshow miniChairBowlies_CAAshow2


Humble Hanger

As though her mother sensed it when she named her, my roommate Rose has a green thumb. The rooms of our apartment and the front porch of our house are lush with plants. In the snowy Boston winters when the city is blanketed in white, the shades of green and red warm our living room and remind us of an eventual Spring.


This summer on our front porch there is a hanging plant. I Googled “hanging plants” and found a flowering plant that looks similar to the one on our porch. I learned they are called Geraniums.

What inspired me most about the plant was the wire basket in which it hangs. The basket is a simple design and within the basket is a brown straw nest, which holds the dirt below the flowering plant.  After enough Googling I learned these brown nests are called “coco liners”. The simple construction of the basket and the distinct coco liner made it the perfect object to miniaturize.  I’ve also been thinking a lot about installations. I wanted Rose’s hanging plant to be my first mini installation.

Without hesitation, I found some white coated wire and sat on my front porch under the hanging plant, trying to recreate the wire basket. I used string and super glue to tie the ring of shaped wire into a secured circular shape. Continue reading

Tea for a Tiny Two

blog_teaset_ChristmasEaringsI found a box filled with old jewelry of mine.   When sifting through the homemade beaded necklaces and gaudy dangling earrings, I found pair of bell earrings.

This was my favorite pair of Christmas earrings when I was in fifth grade. I remember I loved how when I moved my head quickly in a dramatic reaction to something, I let out a little jingle that everyone could hear. In this picture, it’s actually a pared down version, because as soon as I found them I started disassembling them. The little bells, when their centers were removed and straightened with a pair of needle nose pliers, then curved into a half circle and super-glued to the side of the upside down bell piece, looked like teacups!

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Bite Size Burgers

I spend a lot of time Googling the word “miniatures.” In one of my searches, I came across this post about people who had the brilliant idea to make an edible fast food meal, minaturized. Giving full credit to these guys for coming up with such a clever idea and executing it flawlessly, I proceeded to try and recreate the mini burger masterpiece.

  • Bread – tiny buns
  • Lettuce – small pieces of lettuce
  • Cheese – Kraft Singles is the thinnest cheese I know
  • Tomatoes – cherry tomatoes
  • Onions – boiling onions were the smallest onions I could find at the grocery store
  • Pickles – gerkins (these were my favorite ingredient)