Humble Hanger

As though her mother sensed it when she named her, my roommate Rose has a green thumb. The rooms of our apartment and the front porch of our house are lush with plants. In the snowy Boston winters when the city is blanketed in white, the shades of green and red warm our living room and remind us of an eventual Spring.


This summer on our front porch there is a hanging plant. I Googled “hanging plants” and found a flowering plant that looks similar to the one on our porch. I learned they are called Geraniums.

What inspired me most about the plant was the wire basket in which it hangs. The basket is a simple design and within the basket is a brown straw nest, which holds the dirt below the flowering plant.  After enough Googling I learned these brown nests are called “coco liners”. The simple construction of the basket and the distinct coco liner made it the perfect object to miniaturize.  I’ve also been thinking a lot about installations. I wanted Rose’s hanging plant to be my first mini installation.

Without hesitation, I found some white coated wire and sat on my front porch under the hanging plant, trying to recreate the wire basket. I used string and super glue to tie the ring of shaped wire into a secured circular shape. Continue reading