Mini Pickles!?

What is more fun than eating pickles?  Well, nothing.  BUT, taking photos of mini pickles comes pretty close.

I was first introduced to gherkins posing as mini pickles when I made mini burgers.  When slicing the gherkins I was blown away by their mini pickle perfection.  I knew me and those gherkins would need to hang out again.

When gazing around my kitchen I spotted a tiny jar on my roommate’s vintage typecase drawer she keeps hung on our kitchen wall, decorated with tiny things.  The jar was the perfect mini pickle jar.  So began my adventures in mini pickling.

I used the same gherkins I used for the mini burgers (still handy in the bottom of my fridge), except this time I sliced them lengthwise to mimick pickle spears.  I spooned some gherkin juice into the mini jar to serve as pickle juice.

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