Teeny Tiny Nintendo

Two years ago my oldest brother, Mike, proposed to his girlfriend of five years and announced they’d be moving across country to LA, where his girlfriend’s family is located.  For the engagement ring he contacted a woman in Seattle who does customized rings.  As part of the design process she sends out a mock-up ring made of green wax.  At my brother and his (now) wmike and ria engagedife’s going away party he showed us the wax ring and told us about trying to hold up one of his wife’s current rings against the wax ring to gauge if he got the sizing right. In the process of doing this, he broke the delicate wax ring. He showed us the broken ring inside of its tiny box, about 1 x 1.5 inches. I gasped when I saw the box and loudly admired its tiny size. Nonchalantly my brother asked, “Do you want it?”

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