Tea for a Tiny Two

blog_teaset_ChristmasEaringsI found a box filled with old jewelry of mine.   When sifting through the homemade beaded necklaces and gaudy dangling earrings, I found pair of bell earrings.

This was my favorite pair of Christmas earrings when I was in fifth grade. I remember I loved how when I moved my head quickly in a dramatic reaction to something, I let out a little jingle that everyone could hear. In this picture, it’s actually a pared down version, because as soon as I found them I started disassembling them. The little bells, when their centers were removed and straightened with a pair of needle nose pliers, then curved into a half circle and super-glued to the side of the upside down bell piece, looked like teacups!



I took a round knob of plastic and glued a button to the bottom, sealing off the uneven edges with polymer clay, and used this as the base for a tea pot. I added a handle and spout made out of polymer clay. The lid was a button, a bead, and a ball chain, again using polymer clay to meld the shapes together.


For the creamer dish I carefully pinched the sides of a bell piece to create the typical pitcher shape, including a spout at its tip. The sugar bowl mimicked the tea pot style, using an even smaller ball chain on its lid and two bell piece centers for the curved handles on either side.


On other miniatures blogs I’ve been reading about using liquid polymer clay for dressings, glazes, sauces, or drinks in polymer clay food miniatures. It turns out, as with most polymer clay, you need to cook the liquid clay for it to ever dry. However, because I was afraid what would happen if I put the painstakingly painted teacups and creamer into the oven, I insetad sealed the wet liquid polymer clay in place with a dab of super glue. Up close, you can tell it doesn’t look perfectly smooth on top, which is unfortunate.


I painted buttons for plates and built a tray out of balsa wood and stained it with wood stain. For the finishing touch I cut a piece of lace and glued it to the bottom of the tray.