Mini Oranges (aka, Kumquats)

How has no one mentioned to me before the amazing miniature oranges called kumquats?  I’ve known for awhile that this tiny fruit existed, but saying its name is the closest interaction I’ve ever had with it.  So when my friend at Made by Frances posted a delicious kumquat gin fizz recipe, I decided I would toss a few back and introduce myself to the kumquat.

The drinks were delicious.  I was too impatient to start drinking, so I didn’t let the kumquats fuse with the simple syrup for long enough.  When I do it again, I’ll mash them up a little to release more of the kumquatty flavor before putting them into the simple syrup, and I’ll have a drink in hand while I patiently wait the full 20 minutes for the flavors to fuse before straining the kumquats.

The drinks were delicious, but I was mostly amused by slicing the kumquats.  These perfect slices of kumquat just exist in their naturally miniature way, quietly being who they are. Most people rarely come across them in every day cooking and don’t get to experience the similarities they have to full-sized navel oranges, scaled down to the size of a cherry tomato.  These tiny drops of orange are so perfect and so mini that all I want to do is look at them and slice them and then take pictures of them!






Looking good, kumquats.  Looking good.