Bite Size Burgers

I spend a lot of time Googling the word “miniatures.” In one of my searches, I came across this post about people who had the brilliant idea to make an edible fast food meal, minaturized. Giving full credit to these guys for coming up with such a clever idea and executing it flawlessly, I proceeded to try and recreate the mini burger masterpiece.

  • Bread – tiny buns
  • Lettuce – small pieces of lettuce
  • Cheese – Kraft Singles is the thinnest cheese I know
  • Tomatoes – cherry tomatoes
  • Onions – boiling onions were the smallest onions I could find at the grocery store
  • Pickles – gerkins (these were my favorite ingredient)



The only ingredient on that list that I wasn’t able to find at the grocery store (or even in a bakery) were the tiny buns.  I knew my only way to obtain the perfect mini hamburger bun was to bake my own.

They have recipes online for mini hamburger buns!  Mostly the recipes were for sliders (not mini enough), but a surprising number of recipes were for bite-size hamburgers like I was trying to make.

The buns didn’t turn out as soft and perfectly shaped as I would have liked them to be.  Their coloring was also slightly off and I should have dipped the buns in the sesame seeds instead of sprinkling them.  Regardless, I had a huge pile of them and the burger assembly must go on.


Cooking up the tiny burger patties.  It was crucial to cut the raw patty larger than you wanted, to account for the patty shrinking when it cooked.  The first few patties I tried to cook came out extra mini because I didn’t account for this.  Next time around, to make a more delectable mini burger, I would add salt and pepper, and maybe even some minced pepper and onion.  As is, they were pretty bland patties.




And the moment of truth…


It wasn’t that delicious of a burger.  The onions overpowered everything and the buns were dry and flavorless.  For a first time adventure into edible miniature art, though, I had a lot of fun.  It sparked my interest and I wonder now what other food could be miniaturized…



That’s my money shot.