Artist Statement

Making minis is how I share my imaginary world with others. Those of you who take a moment to lean in will be able to identify everyday odds and ends that have been sanded, sawed, painted, and reborn into the world of miniatures. A Gladware lid becomes a poker table, an Altoid tin is a red Radio Flyer, and toothpicks become chopsticks picking up strings of lo mein from an index-card-and-paperclip take out container. For me, making a mini is the transformation of an insignificant object, once destined for the junk drawer, into a piece of the miniature world growing inside my studio.

My minis obsession started with whimsical holiday gifts for high school friends and morphed into a personal mission to turn what is in my head into something I can hold in the palm of my hand. I’m inspired by the people in my life and find myself trying to capture a small part of them in each miniature I make.

Exploring various media in my minis is how I stay excited about my art and keep pushing myself. I love learning the particulars of each material and I constantly have my eye out for forgotten trinkets that are the exact shape and texture I need for a project. In my studio, super glue is my best friend and my X-acto knife has been there for me since the beginning.

Mary Engelbreit has been one of my biggest influences. Her lighthearted drawings take me to places of simplicity and cheer and have been the inspiration for multiple minis, including my most treasured mini, Chair of Bowlies.


2012   BLUE, Kathryn Schultz Gallery, Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA.  Juried by Joseph Thompson.  House of Cards.

2012    Miniatures 2.0, UFORGE Gallery, Jamaica Plain, MA.  David’s Radio Flyer and Tea Set

2011    RED, Kathryn Schultz Gallery, Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA.  Juried by Howard Yezerski.  Chair of Bowlies.

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